Welcome to JaysonCoomer.com

I’m a CFO working in high-risk economies. Living with risk is chaotic. Navigating it requires pragmatism and careful thought.

We face a complex future and will need broad thinking to deal with it. But we are not geared for that. I hope that something on here might help folks feel less alone on that journey.

This site exists for two reasons

Firstly, because I am an extreme moderate.

But this is not a voice that’s well represented. The Extreme Left and Extreme Right are often idealists first, and pragmatists second. The centre is moderate precisely because it is pragmatic.

But pragmatists do not lack ideas or principles. If anything, these are more carefully thought out, and more sensitively applied. We have to do the hard work of integrating conflicting viewpoints.

It is a voice that needs more of a voice.

Secondly, because I value the process of writing

The focus of ordering thoughts has the paradoxical effect of unlocking them.
When you do the work of storytelling, you are in practice creating an open space for the subconscious mind to sift through all its knowledge and experience and creatively present back new ideas to the conscious mind.
It is always surprising what comes from that, and it reminds me that people possess fascinating universes within them. The discipline of curiosity rewards you with a sense of wonder.

Specialisation is depth of knowledge. Generalisation is a breadth of it. Multidimensional thinking needs both.

The Work of Storytelling

A better business model

The world needs a model for doing business where positive multiplier effects are natural and self-reinforcing. We think we’ve found a way to do that.

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Working Through Grief

Even when life ends for a loved one, our working lives will carry on. The time to mentally prepare to go on with the show is…right now.

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Money is backed by everything

Money is backed by everything

Money is backed by everything, and by nothing, and by whatever you want. It’s the piece of string whose length is as long as you want it to be. That’s a good thing.

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